What do you learn?

S.P. from the Netherlands

"I really liked the villa, very beautiful. The yin yoga lessons were eye-openers. Kata has such a great knowledge and I have learned a lot from her teachings. My inner growth went from stressed to inner sweet smile again! The food was amazing! My belly felt so nice and soft after these 5 days. And I loved our singing by the pool together. It all really opened me up in a way I could not have expected. Like Kata said on my last day: We should have made a picture of you of before and after..."

A.S. from United Kingdom

"I enjoyed the Yin yoga teacher training very much and could not recommend it more. Kata is a very knowledgable and wonderful teacher, very attentive and understanding. Yoga Nidra and the Soulbreath guided by Erno was so relaxing as well. Gained a lot of knowledge and self confidence in a very welcoming environment. The food is divine and the sunset and sunrise meditations were out of this world. Big thank you for the organizers!"

C. Hughes from Ireland

"Kata is an amazing yoga instructor with the most amazing energy and understanding of her students . Her knowledge and love of yoga is unparalleled I can not recommend her enough I would say the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had and the experience all round was beautiful. Erno is also amazing with his knowledge and understanding of the breath work and his sound healing and yoga Nidra, both of them are just so lovely to be around and you learn so much and grow from the 60 hrs yin yoga tt. All round wonderful."