A.S. from United Kingdom

"Booking this TT was one of the best decisions I've made in years. The personal journey, the course content and lectures were all way beyond my expectations. Kata is a very knowledgeable yet humble teacher, whose purity from within shines very brightly. Her tolerant explanations of some of the more complex asanas was, for a relative novice such as me, perfect ( most of our class were more advanced than me). Kata always managed to give us each as much time one on one as was needed, and managed somehow to keep the whole thing lighthearted and fun throughout the course. Erno's yoga nidra and breath work was very enjoyable, what fantastic tools to learn and carry with you through life. His open, calm and relaxed ways make him an easy person to trust and allowing for letting go on a deeper level during his sessions."

K.Z. from United States

"This 200h YYTT exceeded every expectation I ever had about a yoga teacher training. The teaching mechanism and program was very nourishing and well-planned. We could all take it at our pace and under the teachers’ careful guidance and supervision, we were all able to practice meditation / flows comfortably and enjoyed every part of the practices. Erno’s yoga nidra sessions were extremely powerful and Kata’s expertise and knowledge in not just the asanas but also in Sanskrit, anatomy, mantras, mudras, Elements and Ayurveda allowed us to really explore, understand and connect with the course on a deeper level. Whether you have prior yoga experience or not, I highly recommend this YYTT for everyone that wants to truly understand the fundamentals of yoga. I wish I had known about this program before I injured my back because now I know exactly how to listen to my body and honor it with a yoga practice that is suitable for me. This YYTT, the whole experience really helped me regain not only my strength but also confidence practicing and teaching a yoga flow with the right attitude."

J.J. from Switzerland

"It was a great experience, both Kata and Erno are amazing teachers. I would recommend this yoga teacher training to everyone. I will definitely do more trainings and courses with them in the future. Can recommend 100%. Thanks again for the lovely time!"